the basics

Conveniently located off Route 3 in Hanover, Living Hope Church offers a casual and friendly environment, children’s classes, lively worship, and practical messages with real life answers from the Bible.


You will see these three words on our walls, on our publications, and on our hearts. Here is a brief description of why these three words represent us as a community of faith.

Love - The scriptures say that our God is a God of love. Jesus says that the most important thing is love for God and love for others. This simple but profound truth shapes everything we do at Living Hope. "Does this activity help us to love God more? Does this activity help us to love others more?" These are the questions we ask when making decisions about ministries, budgets, staffing, etc.

Reach - We believe the scriptures reveal a God who is on a mission to redeem all of creation; including mankind, social systems, and the environment. As a local expression of His people, we are called by God to reach both the South Shore of MA, as well as the rest of the world, with the amazing news of Christ Jesus. Much of what we talk about as well as practice, centers around reaching others who have not yet come into relationship with our God. This is not just something we do "as a church" but rather are assigned to do as followers of Jesus. We look to reach those in our families, our neighbors, our co-workers, etc with the love of Jesus each and every day.

Grow- As followers of Jesus, it is our goal to become more like Him every day. This requires growth: growing in our worldview, growing in our practices, and growing in our hearts. Much of what we "do" as a community of faith is focused on "becoming". As we become the people God has made us to be, then we will grow in our love for Him and our ability to be used by Him to reach those around us.