Finding our forever home: God's journey for Living Hope

Imagine children learning in sunlit classrooms, families joining in a thriving worship space, and hearts finding hope within our walls. Join the journey! Make your building fund pledge today, sowing seeds of faith and growth for generations to come. (Proverbs 22:9)

Our church's journey through different locations reflects the ever-changing landscape of life.

For over a decade, we found a welcoming space on Webster Street. Laughter filled the air, prayers ascended, and countless lives were touched by the love within.

Our current location on Washington Street has served us well, providing a temporary haven for our community. We've gathered, grown, and created meaningful memories here. This building is being demolished to make room for a hotel, so we will need to move on soon.

Now, we're searching for our forever home, not a fancy building, but a place where our mission can flourish, future generations can feel welcome, and kids can run free (think outdoor space for epic hide-and-seek!).  We believe that, as with our previous transitions, God will guide us to a space that perfectly suits our needs and fulfills our purpose.

We invite you to join us on this journey, whether through financial support, prayers, or simply connecting with our story. Together, we trust that our permanent home awaits, wherever God leads us.

If you'd rather make a one time or recurring donation, you can do so here.