90s party

Word up! Get ready to take a trip back in time to the era of Furbys, slap bracelets, and dial-up internet! Living Hope Youth Group is totally psyched to throw a 90s Throwback Party!

Here's the 411:

  • When: June 15 from 6-9PM
  • Where: Living Hope--1800 Washington St. in Hanover, MA
  • Who: Grades 6-12 (spread the word to your crew!)
  • What's the Dizzle? 90s music that'll make you wanna bust a move, 90s trivia that'll test your knowledge (are you smarter than a 90s kid?), and 90s food that'll be totally rad!

Don't be a Debbie Downer - Dress Up!

We're talkin' flannel shirts, scrunchies, overalls, anything 90s!

This Party's Gonna Be Off the Hook!

So ditch your Tamagotchis for a night and get ready for an epic party. We can't wait to see you there!

Peace Out

10 90's facts

  1. Macarena Mania: Remember the Macarena dance craze? It was so popular that even Colin Powell, the U.S. Secretary of State at the time, was filmed doing the dance!

  2. Dial-Up Days: Imagine a world where the internet made screeching noises when you connected? In the 90s, dial-up internet was the norm, and the sound of a modem connecting was like music to some ears (and torture to others).

  3. Pagers with Personalities: Before smartphones, pagers were the coolest way to receive messages. You could even get them with different tones and vibrations to show who was paging you!

  4. VHS Domination: Streaming services? Nah! In the 90s, renting a VHS movie on Friday night was a classic weekend activity.

  5. Furbish Frenzy: Furbies were the must-have toy in the late 90s. These little creatures spoke their own language (Furbish) and some people even worried they were secretly recording conversations!

  6. Spice Up Your Life: Girl power ruled the music scene in the 90s, with the Spice Girls being one of the biggest pop groups.

  7. Low Gas Prices: Can you imagine gas being only $1.22 a gallon? That was the average price in 1999!

  8. Cheers Cheers Cheers: The series finale of Cheers in 1993 was the most-watched TV episode of the entire decade!

  9. Gaming Revolution: The Sony Playstation launched in 1995 and quickly became a global phenomenon, paving the way for modern gaming consoles.

  10. Bye Bye Blockbuster: Remember Blockbuster video stores? They were a staple of the 90s, but with the rise of streaming services, they became a thing of the past.